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Stop Relying on
Willpower to Lose Weight

Willpower is limited. But when you have healthy routines to count on you have something better.
We all face difficult diet scenarios every day. All it takes is a trip to the office break room to put your entire day’s success in jeopardy. The best way to successfully manage calories is to have strategies that you can tap into when in a tough situation. That’s the difference between skill-power and willpower. If you haven't developed a new set of habits that work just for you, try some of these.
Beat the Morning Munchies
Plan out and prep a healthy, filling breakfast the night before. Make it easy to grab and go so that a hectic morning doesn’t lead to an unhealthy meal.
Bring HMR Foods With You
Don’t let hunger catch you unprepared. Meal replacements, like the shakes, entrees, and bars used in the HMR Program for Weight Management are easy to pack and easy to make when you’re on the go. See a sample day on the HMR plan.
Don’t Let Work Stress Get to You
Take a quick “walk break” instead of a “snack break.” Even ten minutes out and back can help you reduce your stress and reset your resolve.
Avoid Grocery Store Temptations
Eat something before you set foot in the store so you’re not shopping hungry. Try avoiding the middle aisles (where all the junk food lurks) and go wild in the produce section instead. Don’t forget to stock up on add-ins for your shakes and entrees.
Prep for Sweet Tooth Cravings
Have a healthy sweet treat prepped and ready to go when you need it most. Frozen grapes, fresh watermelon or canned pineapple (in its own juice) are some great choices.
Don’t Go Hungry to Eat Healthy
It’s hard to keep saying “No” to unhealthy food. That’s why it’s important to remove temptations and surround yourself with lots of “Yes” foods (on the HMR plan, that means HMR foods, plus lots of fruits and vegetables).  
Old Habits Are Hard to Break
The secret is to fill the void, by replacing old, unhealthy behaviors with new, healthier habits. To-do behaviors are the focus of the HMR program because it keeps the task clear, which helps you stay focused and committed. 

The HMR team has found the more “to-do’s” you complete, the more likely you’ll reach your weight-loss goals — more fruits and veggies, more planning and more physical activity. It’s simpler, more motivating, easier to keep up and develops the healthy routines that help you stay strong all day, every day
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